1-2-3-4 days

1-2-3-4 days

We are constantly striving for new inventions and perfection in everything we do. We live too fast... Maybe we need a moment to stop , breathe clean air with full lungs , let the wind naughtily tangle our hair and clear our thoughts.

At the place where two cultures meet: serbian and vlach , the fertile plain of Stig and the mystical Homolje , where Mlava creates the Gornjacka gordge and fertile valley , where the roots of the first serbian olympic marathoner Dragutin Tomasevic are, there is a municipality with two hearts – Petrovac on Mlava.

Go into exploration and discovering completely new possibilities of vacation, recreation and fun through new concept of health, adventure, adrenaline and culture. We are recommending some of the options from where to begin, and it’s up to you to choose what is closest to your sensibility. Listen to our nature, breathe in the feeling of adventure and you will surely come back to us again...

Day One

This part of Serbia is often called Homolje Holy mountain because it abounds in a large number of monasteries, which are relatively close to each other. One of them is the Vitovnica monastery, built in the 13th century, which is an excellent choice for all admirers of culture and tradition. It is located 15 kilometers from Petrovac on Mlava and was founded by King Milutin. It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. In the courtyard of the monastery is the tomb of Father Thaddeus – one of the greatest clergymen of recent times.

In the immediate vicinity of the monastery Vitovnica is the canyon of the river of the same name, and this location is an exceptional ambient whole , and there is a source that the people of this region believe is extremely healing for all problems with eyes and sight.

This location is ideal for an extremely healthy walk through the forest of Trest, which is considered a natural gem of this area. The Trest picnic area is located on the western slopes of the Homolje mountains, a distinctly hilly and mountainous area and covers an area of 1033 hectares. A walk through the forest of the Trest, helps you feel relaxed , in harmony with nature , filled with positive energy and improve your physical and mental condition.

In order for all the senses to be involved , there are also catering facilities nearby where it is possible to try local specialties such as trout in the natural environment of the Trest.

If you are a fan of medicinal herbs and mushrooms , our recommendation is to contact the local Association of Mushroom and nature lovers „ Vilino kolo „ from Petrovac on Mlava. (facebook.com/vilinokolo).

 Day Two

The preserved nature of the municipality of Petrovac on Mlava and interesting terrains of the Mlava valley and Homolje mountains invite you to get to know and enjoy... At the entrance to Gornjacka gorge there is a real treasure trove of pearls for fans of something new , authentic gastronomy , adrenaline, culture and above all the necessary health.

„ Sanus per Aquam „ or „Health from the water“ is a concept dedicated to a way of life that involves giving moments to your body that will in every sense bring benefits to modern man whose day is filled with obligations and stress.

At the 13th kilometers from Petrovac is the complex „Mlavske terme„ which offers the possibility of swimming in outdoor and indoor swimming pools with hot water throughout the year . Visitors here can experience the charms of wellness facilities such as massages, salt caves, saunas... The facility also offers the possibility of acommodation in interestingly designed apartments, as well as catering services.

In the immediate vicinity of „ Mlavske terme „ there is a pedestrian-bicycle path „Gornjacka promenada„ in the length of 2620 meters. The trail is characterized by an extraordinary view of the Gornjacka gorge , Homolje peaks, and the monastery of Saint Trinity in the gorge. The trail is illuminated , and there are also benches for rest, tourist-information boards , as well as a totem with the help of which it is possible to get information about tourist contents in the municipality of Petrovac on Mlava. The trail also connects a number of facilities that provide a mixture of home- made products, the hotel „ Mlavske terme“ as well as catering facilities where it is possible to try local products such as Homolje cheese and local specialties.

Depending on your affinities, the recommendations of the Tourist Organization of Petrovac on Mlava for acommodation are Households Simonovic, Magnolia by Radovanovic, Jenic, Skuratenko ... We also recommend restaurants „ Jenic“ where one of the specialties is the famous Vlach porridge served in the traditional way , as well as the restaurant „ Kod Rajka“ on the shores of Mlava. As authentic souvenirs that can be bought in the immediate vicinity, we recommend homemade raspberry products in the Skuratenko household and natural authentic brandy from this area in the Stojanovic household in Malo Laole.





Day Three

Modern lifestyles bring with them many advantages , but also many disadvantages. The fast pace of life , daily stresses, cause every person have the need to relax, peace, the desire to look at the soothing image of green landscapes , the thought of the murmur of the river , something that will bring him back to his roots, refresh with new strength to return to the whirlpool of life in an urban environment. The municipality of Petrovac on Mlava is a real pearl for fans of outdoor activities. Preserved nature , a tradition that is still nurtured , a mosaic of Serbian and Vlach customs, unpolluted and mystical Homolje, all this at the same time makes the enigma interesting to discover, but also a place where both mind and body can rest.

The village of Bistrica is located not far from the regional road that connects Petrovac with Zagubica. It is about 10 kilometers away from the city. A part of the village of Bistrica was determined in 1986 as a cultural asset of great importance. It is a cultural-historical whole that includes , among other things, rolling mills and nine watermill mills, eight of which are in operation. Mills and rolling mills are located along the banks of the river Bistrica, in the length of about 5 kilometers. They were created in the period from the 19th to the middle of the 20th century.

The village is located at the foot of the Homolje mountains, and during the year it is held through events. On „ Little Easter“ , the „ Assembly of millers and millers“ is organized, and then all the mills are open to visitors. Every spring , Bistrica hosts numerous participants in the „ Dragutin Tomasevic“ Memorial race , which represents the memory of a young man from this village , who was the first Serbian marathoner at the 1912 Olympic games.

A few kilometers further, to the left of the road leading to Gornjacka gordge is the village of Zdrelo. In the hinterland of the village there are two dominant peaks of the Homolje mountains: Big Vukan and Little Vukan. The Zdrelo is located at the place where Mlava leaves the Gornjacka gordge and enters the tameness of the Mlava valley.

The oldest traces of human presence have been discovered in the area of this village. It is a copper mine discovered and used by the inhabitants in the Vinca settlement of Belovode in the 5th millennium BC. Also, the remains of the mediavel town of Zdrelo were found. The village of Zdrelo is filled with natural paths for hiking and cycling that lead to interesting natural or cultural – historical locations ( monasteries Reskovica and Holly Trinity ).

The recommendation of the tourist organization is hiking trails that lead from the lake in Zdrelo , next to a pine forest near the scout home and further into the mountains all the way to monastery Reskovica , as well as a trail that leads from the village center to the Holy Trinity monastery. 

Day Four

Day for adventure and adrenaline

The municipality of Petrovac on Mlava is a real pearl for hikers and fans of outdoor activities. The „ Homolje transversal“ rich in natural beauties and cultural sights is especially attractive. Mountain terrains abound in numerous peaks ( Little and Big Vukan, Ježevac, Krilas ... ) and attractive trails for mountain biking and walking through ecologically preserved environment.

„Via Ferata Gornjak“ is a sport ferrata equipped with a steel cable that is fastened with wedges to the rock. The ferrata is 1100 m long from the starting point , all the way to the starting point of the old fortress Zdrelo. The average time for the ferrata to pass is 2-3 hours. The height difference is 330 meters, and the ferrata itself is divided into 12 parts – a section between which there are pedestrian parts.

The mountaineering association „ Gornjak“ from Petrovac on Mlava has rental equipment for mountaineers who do not own it , as well as a licensed guide for Via Ferata , who is authorized to lead groups of mountaineers.

The municipality is a very interesting destination for bikers, as well as other fans of extreme motor sports , as well as fans of paragliding. The most famous paragliding airfield is at the top of Krilas.

In the village of Kamenovo there is a trail for off-road vehicles – jeeps. „ Dad“ and it is possible in agreement with the owner to enjoy this type of adrenaline activities.

PD „Gornjak“ : www.gornjak.org.rs

Auto moto club „Of Road Team“ FB page: Off-road team „Nas tata pustio“

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