Municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi with it’s geographical location represents an extremely good terrain for the development of all types of cycling. This climate has been attracting cycling fans from the country and abroad for some time. For families with children or those who like a little bit more "tamed" and milder trails, there are certainly a number of different local rural roads. Such sections often lead to tourist sites in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi or in neighboring municipalities. Reduced traffic routes leading through the natural environment can provide a real adventure and get to know the municipality in this way as well. Some of these trails are:

  • Trails in the village of Zdrelo
  • Trails in the village of Vitovnica
  • Trails in the village of Bistrica
  • The path that connects the villages of Malo Laole and Veliko Laole
  • Trail through the village of Kladurovo
  • Trails in the villages of Covdin, Setonje and Vezicevo
  • Petrovac Park with trails near Mlava

For fans of adrenaline and more extreme driving, the Homolje terrains are a real challenge to explore. Many natural beauties increase and expand the sense of subjective experience of enjoying clean air and contact with the nature of this part of Serbia.

Some of the most demanding trails provided by the Tourist Organization of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi recommended are:

  • Ćovdin - Krilaš - Bela reka - Lipovica - Krupaja - Krupajsko vrelo (the trail is extremely attractive and adorns terrains of different altitudes);
  • Vitovnica - Trest - Krepoljin (trail to the picnic area "Trest" in the length of about 10 kilometers follows the course of the river Vitovnica, and then enters the forest terrain of the Trest and continues towards Krepoljin, passing by the Hajduk cave and the spring of Krepoljin river);
  • Malo Laole - Ždrelo - Reškovica monastery (the trail partly follows the pedestrian-bicycle path "Gornjačka promenade", then separates towards the village Ždrelo and hilly-mountainous road continues to the monastery Reskovica).

The Tourist Organization notes that these trails are not exclusively intended for bicycle traffic, and on all sections recommends extra caution.

There are also two arranged pedestrian and bicycle paths in the municipality. dve uređene pešačko-biciklističke staze na sledećim deonicama:

  • The path that connects the settlements of Petrovac and Kamenovo (about 1500 meters long);
  • Trail "Gornjačka promenade" in the village Ždrelo (length about 2600 meters).

The paths are light up and equipped with urban furniture.