Gornjak gordge

Gornjak gordge

Downstream from the confluence of the Krupajska river and the Mlava, this river forms the epigenetic valley where the 16 km long Gornjak gorge begins.
The gorge is shared by the municipalities of Petrovac and Žagubica.

The travelers are fascinated by the entrance to the gorge from the fertile plain of the Mlava.

The mountain ranges of Vukan 825m and Ježevac 675m rise above the river, reminiscent of "stretched wings of a bird in flight".

The entrance to Homolje is "supervised" by the remains of lookout posts, legacy of Roman times. The beauties of the Gornjak gorge were inspirational and were immortalized by the feathers Đ. Milićević, E. Ćeleblija, Đ. Jakšić and other people of various profiles and interests.

Today, this gorge is visited by trout, chub or sneep fishermen, as well as lovers of cultural and historical monuments (Gornjak Monastery, the remains of the Church of the Annunciation, etc.), campers, hikers and many others.