The hunting association "Trest" in Petrovac na Mlavi was founded in 1898. Today it counts about 700 members.

The main activities are breeding, protection and hunting. Constant activities are: actions to reduce the number of pests in the hunting area, feeding quarry and populating hunting grounds with pheasants. 

The program for 2021 encompasses several major hunting events: "Copper fox hunting" in Kamenovo, "Mlava’s ice duck hunting" in Dubočka, "Boar hunting" in Manastirica, "Jackal Festival" in Pankovo, etc.

As far as hunting tourism is concerned, this association enables tourist hunting of roe deer, wild boar and pheasants. 

If you are interested in hunting tourism, contact the Hunting Association exclusively, at the phone numbers: 012 / 328-777, 064/2808001 and 064/2345 774.