Vitovnica monastery

Vitovnica monastery

Vitovnica Monastery is located 13 km northeast of Petrovac, in the area of the Vitovnica village. It lies at the foot of the Homolje mountains, on the river Vitovnica, after which it was actually named.

It is surrounded by a beautiful and picturesque area, rich in forests and spring water. It was built under the very rock of the Vranj hill, and Vitovnica river springing from the gorge, flows by only fifteen metres south of the church. There are no transcripts about the charter of the monastery founding, nor is there any other written trace about the origins of the monestary. There have only been some legends about the monastery being built by King Milutin after the victory over the Bulgarian feudal lords Drman and Kudelin around 1290. According to one legend, there was a small church (a chapel) on the rock rising above the monastery. The remnants of this chapel are still visible. On the same rock, next to the mentioned chapel, there is a wonderful little cave. The legend says that, the monks would there, long before the Vitovnica monastery was founded, turn to asceticism and the little chapel was used for the God’s service.

In terms of architecture, the monastery church was built in the Serbian - Byzantine style, made of stone and brick.

At the base of the church there is a cross, with an emphasized altar and choir asps.

Saint Thaddeus of Vitovnica was appointed abbot in Vitovnica in 1962. He passed away in 2003. He was recognized by the believers as a modern saint, and his grave in Vitovnica is a gathering place for a large number of people.