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Tourist organization of the municipality Petrovac na Mlavi

The activity of the Tourist organization of municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi is determined by Article 41 of the Law on tourism and the Statute of the Tourist organization. In Article 7 of the Statute it is specified that the Tourist organization of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi performs the following tasks:

  • Promotion and development of tourism in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi;
  • Coordination of activities and cooperation between economic and other entities in tourism;
  • Adoption of the annual work program and plan of promotional activities;
  • Provision and improvement of information - propaganda material;
  • Collecting and publishing information on the tourist offer of the municipality;
  • Organizing and participating in the organization of tourist, scientific, professional, sports, cultural and other gatherings and events that contribute to the development of tourism in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi;
  • Organization of tourist information centers;
  • Tourist space manager;
  • Encouraging the implementation of programs for the construction of tourist infrastructure and landscaping;
  • Development, participation in the development, as well as the implementation of domestic and international projects in the field of tourism;
  • Preparation and collection of data, compilation of questionnaires, analyzes and other information;
  • Other activities in accordance with the Law, the Articles of Association and the Statute.

The Tourist organization of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi achieves full cooperation with actors in the local environment, primarily with those whose goal is to deal with tourism and the development of tourism in the municipality.

In the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi, significant activity is focused on the development of rural ( village ) tourism, because this type of tourism is characterized by sustainability. The municipality has an excellent basis in the form of quality accommodation in rural households, so that in the future we could expect more beds. 

The Tourist organization of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi continued the developed cooperation with other tourist organizations of the Braničevo district. This practice is continuously maintained, and joint appearances are organized at the Tourism Fair in Kragujevac and Belgrade. New projects and joint tourist products of the LTO of the Braničevo district are also planned together.

The promotion of the tourist offer is done at several fairs in the country and abroad. The most important Tourism Fairs in the country attended by the Tourist organization of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi are the fairs in Belgrade, Kragujevac and Novi Sad. In addition to fairs, TO also participates in special festivals across the country.

During 2021, the Tourism Development Program of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi was adopted, and in 2022. a new campaign "Municipality with Two Hearts" and the concept "Health, Adventure, Adrenaline and Culture" were launched.

 On the territory of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi, the existing key tourist products are related to :

  • Rural tourism – The tourist product of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi related to rural tourism is most represented in the villages that gravitate to the Recreation - catering center "Ždrelo", but also to the villages that attract a larger number of visitors during the events. The largest number of accommodation capacities in rural households is located on the territories of the settlements of Zdrelo and Malo Laole.
  • Health tourism – The municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi has become somewhat recognizable on the tourist market to a certain number of visitors and for it’s potential in the field of one type of health tourism. Primarily, it is meant on RUC "Ždrelo", but also on other potentials available to the municipality, which include opportunities for psychophysical strengthening of the organism (air, recreation, stay in nature…).
  • Religious tourism – The municipality is recognizable by a certain number of monasteries in a small area (Vitovnica, Reskovica, Saint Trojica...). Some of the monasteries are located on the territory of neighboring municipalities, but their location gravitates to the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi (Gornjak), and many are part of a complementary product with other municipalities.
  • Eco tourism - physical characteristics of the municipality and the natural potentials at it’s disposal affect the development of eco-tourism, for which an increasing number of people have been interested in the tourist market in recent years. The municipality attracts a large number of mountaineers and fans of nature.
  • Adventure tourism - The relief characteristics of the municipality and the proximity of large cities (especially Belgrade) have conditioned the municipality to become a popular destination for mountaineers and fans of adrenaline sports. There is also a well-maintained climbing trail "VIA FERRATA" in the municipality, as well as good terrains for paragliding.
  • Manifestation tourism – manifestations of different character and themes certainly represent a good tourist content that brings tourists closer to the culture and tradition of this region. They also create quality content and a complete tourist product, as well as a source of additional income for the local population ( Fair of millers and rolling millers, Žumarijada, Days of mlav-homolje beekeepers, Bačijada, Flower Fair, sports and hunting events…).

In the area of the municipality there is a large number of cultural - historical monuments, as well as natural sites. Some of the most important are :

VITOVNICA MONASTERY - is located 15 kilometers from Petrovac na Mlavi. It was founded by King Milutin in the 13th century. It is dedicated to the Assumption of the Mother of God. He is especially known for the greatest clergyman of recent times, Father Thaddeus, who served in this monastery for some time and was buried in it.

MITROPOLIJA - is a monastery complex in the Gornjak gorge , built at the end of the 14th century. Today , only small parts of the former sacral building have been preserved.

CHURCH OF THE VIRGIN MARY or SMALL CHURCH is located only 100 m east of the Metropolitanate, above the spring of "4 pipes". Today, only the remains of the former sacral building have been preserved.

REŠKOVICA MONASTERY is located in the area of ​​the village Ždrelo. The remains of the monastery are located at the foot of Mount Vukan. Not far from the remains of the monastery, a new monastery was built, as well as the accompanying facilities.

MONASTERY OF ST. TROJICE is a monastery complex located on the hill Mali Čukar not far from the center of the village of Ždrelo. According to the legend, the old monastery was built by King Milutin at the end of the 13th century or the beginning of the 14th century. On the foundations of the old monastery, a local resident built a new one and became a monk in it.

PANARIJA is a spring with a small chapel in the area of ​​the village of Zabrdje. There is a popular belief that water is healing. The origin of the spring is connected to the legend about the suffering of sister Jelica.

THE FORTIFIED MEDIEVAL TOWN OF ŽDRELO is located in the Gornjak gorge. Today, only the remains that can be reached by a steep path have been preserved.

BELOVODE is an archeological site of neolithic origin from 5400 BC. The most significant phenomenon in Belovode are the beginnings of copper metallurgy. A large number of exhibits from the site are kept in the National Museum in Belgrade and in the Homeland museum in Petrovac na Mlavi.

BISTRICA is a village in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi, where 9 old mills and one rolling mill from the 19th century have been preserved. They are located in a natural environment along the river Bistrica and most of them are still in operation. Bistrica is also the home village of the first serbian olympic marathoner Dragutin Tomašević.

TREST is a picnic area located on the western slopes of the Homolje mountains, a distinct hilly-mountainous area. This forest complex with an area of ​​1033 hectares is about twenty kilometers away from Petrovac na Mlavi, and it can be reached by the road that leads to the village and the monastery Vitovnica.

HIKING-BIKE TRAIL "GORNJAK PROMENADE" includes a stretch from the village of Malo Laole to the turn for Ždrelo. There are boards for tourist - informative content, as well as an interactive totem where visitors can see tourist content and other necessary information related to the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi. The trail offers a beautiful view of the Gornjak gorge and Homolje.

PETROVAC PARK - It stretches along the left bank of the Mlava, on an area of ​​about 5 hectares and is one of the favorite locations for all ages in the city. Within the park there are playgrounds for the youngest and tennis courts. Along the park there are paths for walking and recreation. The park is lit, so a walk is also possible in the evening.

"MLAVSKE TERME" - In the thermal pools in Ždrelo, it is possible to swim all year round. The complex of the hotel "Mlavske terme" also provides accommodation, wellness and spa facilities, while a special experience is swimming in outdoor pools during the winter months.