Souvenirs and handicrafts

Souvenirs and handicrafts

What can you take from our municipality...?

A stay in an area characterized by the fertile plain of Stig, the Mlava valley, the Gornjacka gorge, the landscapes of Homolje, as well as a beautiful mosaic of serbian and vlach culture, certainly offers a handful of wonderful experiences and memories. It is certain that you will want to come back to us again and always be our dear guests. In the meantime, as a souvenir or a very practical natural gift for your loved ones, you can take with you the products of hard-working local hosts and producers that you will surely enjoy.

Some of our suggestions are:

  • Brandy from our municipality (from plums, apricots, quinces ...) produced from fruits from this area. Made with love and great dedication, by technology passed down from family generation to generation.

Udruženje rakijara opštine Petrovac na Mlavi

Miodrag Živković, telefon: 064/280-7937

Novica Radojević, telefon: 062/187-2815

  • Wines from family wineries and vineyards arranged on the sunny slopes of the natural ambience of Pothomolje.

  • Bistrica flour from old mills, whose wheel is still spinning and grinding in the traditional way, corn from which delicious kacamak is made.

Društvo vodeničara i pomeljara Bistrica/ predsednica udruženja Gorica Marinković/ kontakt telefon: 063/852-4951

  • Homolje cheese made according to an authentic recipe from the local area, which goes well with bread, proja or any other dish of your choice.
  • Goat's milk and goat's cheese that grazed in the preserved environment.

  • Natural juices and jams produced by the host from the first to the last step - raspberries from their own plantations and a special way of preparation.

  • Characteristic serbian or vlach sandals made by a real shoemaker.

Sarač-obućar-opančar Milosavljević Dragan, radnja u ulici Bate Bulića 39 u Petrovcu na Mlavi, kontakt telefon: 063/8387-162

Dragiša Vukosavljević – opančar iz Vošanovca, kontakt telefon:063/7637887

  • Fabrics and embroidery created by the diligent hands of local women's associations

Društvo vodeničara i pomeljara Bistrica/ predsednica udruženja Gorica Marinković/ kontakt telefon: 063/852-4951

  • Honey and bee products in appropriate packaging in which everyone will find a tasty snack from the mlava region, a natural remedy or healthy cosmetics.–NGO-/Dru%C5%A1tvo-P%C4%8Delara-Mlava-173998209643417/

  • Natural cosmetics made from goat's milk or honey made in the traditional way.