Tastes of the municipality

Tastes of the municipality

The municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi is specific due to the multinational composition of the population, so the diet in relation to other areas is extremely interesting and authentic. The emphasis is on food from our own production, grown on the basis of a healthy diet, without excessive spraying and artificial feeding, because traditional specialties require just such ingredients. Traditional dishes, which can hardly be said to be healthy food, come from areas that are still ecologically clean. The specialty of the gastronomy of this area is certainly the preparation of local specialties in an autochthonous way, and largely conditioned by the specifics of the environment.

One of such specialties is Zmare, or Zumijare, a traditional ethno dish from the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi. The element of cooking Zmare is entered in the National Register of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Serbia. In honor of this dish in the village of Kladurovo every year is organized gastronomic and tourist event "Zumarijada" which attracts a large number of visitors. As Zmare is characterized by a very specific method of preparation (cooked for around 16 hours and the preparation requires a whole sheep, about seventy leeks and corn flour) this event is an ideal way to taste this authentic dish. Apart from Zmare, it is certainly interesting to try vlaski kacamak, which is best accompanied by home-made sheep cheese, plasinte, gigiljis, proja ( from Bistrica flour from mills), Homolje lamb, trout from local ponds, wine, and brandy from local producers, natural jams and juices, and honey because Kamenovo has the epithet - the village of beekeepers.

In the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi, food and drinks are one of the extremely important motives that determine tourists to come to this part of Serbia. There is a growing interest of the local population to participate in a kind of authentic gastronomic offer of this area (Kamenovo - the village of beekeepers, Lopusnik and Krvije with family wineries, Ranovac with brandy, Kladurovo with zmare, Stamnica with "Bacijada" as well as various gastro- manifestations of the municipality (cabbage festival, prasiciada ...) There is a growing presence of local producers who cooperate with caterers in the municipality. Tourists in local restaurants can now try local drinks (brandy, wine) but also local products (cheese, flour, kajmak, jams, winter products... ) Numerous events in the villages of Petrovac municipality are dedicated to local products (Zumarijada, Fair of watermill mills , Fair of beekeepers ...) . Certain villages in the Petrovac municipality are recognizable by the local products (Kamenovo by honey, Ranovac by brandy, Kladurovo by zmare ) and there are gastronomic events in them.

The caterers of the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi are increasingly trying to make the guest satisfied with the ambience and hospitality. The gastronomic offer is slowly gaining support in the wider territory of the municipality, both through various events dedicated to the taste of this area (Zumarijada, Bacijada, Fair of watermill mills ) as well as interesting catering facilities that look great in the overall ambient. Facilities that are interesting because of their location, appearance, ambience and way of preparing food, stand out here.

Specific catering facilities stand out, which may seem interesting and attractive to tourists at first sight, such as ethno-style facilities:

  • Restaurant „Jenic“ - which is located within the tourist zone Zdrelo and not far from the Gornjačka gorge. What is specific about this facility is that it has in its menu local specialties such as Vlach kacamak whose taste is already known among tourists who visit the municipality. In the immediate vicinity of the restaurant there is an accommodation.
  • Restaurant near Rajko - which is characterized by an extremely vivid natural environment. It is located at the entrance to the Gornjačka gorge on the banks of the river Mlava (more precisely, one part above the river itself). The restaurant also includes a California trout pond. "Via Ferata" is also nearby. In the restaurant it is possible to register hikers, as well as rent equipment, because within the restaurant there are rooms of the Mountaineering Association "Gornjak".
  • Restaurant with pond „Dragojevic“ - which is located in the natural environment of the Trest and is surrounded by forests. In the immediate vicinity is the monastery Vitovnica. It also has a fishpond, so there is always fresh trout on the menu.

Everyday life brings a lot of stressful situations, and the very pace of life in urban areas makes us increasingly looking for a return to nature, physical activities in a preserved environment, authentic gastronomy and a complete sense of hospitality. In the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi, a psychophysical vacation awaits you, and then an experience of a kind of adventure that will form in accordance with your aspirations and desires.

We suggest visiting other high quality restaurants in the municipality:


  • Honey and bee products in appropriate packaging in which everyone will find a tasty snack from the mlava region, a natural remedy or healthy cosmetics.






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