Get to know the city

Get to know the city

Walking tour through Petrovac na Mlavi

Welcome to Petrovac na Mlavi. We are only 80 minutes drive from Belgrade, and we will provide you with a wonderful and fulfilling time in our picturesque place on the banks of the Mlava.

Petrovac na Mlavi was first mentioned in 1859. The settlement sprang up on the right bank of the Mlava, opposite the village of Svine, as a need of the administration of the principality of Serbia to create an administrative center of power for the whole area around the river Mlava.

It was named after the state councilor Petrovic, a friend of prince Milos Obrenovic. The memorial bust of the man after whom the town was named has stood on the plateau in front of the Petrovac na Mlavi Municipal Assembly since June 4, 2005.

Although the city is young at the beginning, this area represents a significant part in the history of Serbia. Its position has always been interesting, and in this area, as evidence of a turbulent past, today are archaeological sites, monasteries and other seals of material culture.

Petrovac offers many opportunities for a pleasant experience, and our suggestions for getting to know this small town on the Mlava are here... Put on something comfortable, put a smile on your face and enjoy!

Complex of buildings in which the institutions are located : The court , Petrovac na Mlavi Municipal Assembly and the Old Post - today's building of the Homeland Museum of the municipality, they were raised in the period from 1900-1908 in stages. The construction of the part of the building that belonged to the First Instance Court began first, then the part that belonged to the Municipal Assembly and the central part that belonged to the Old Post Office. All buildings have basements, then a high ground floor and a first floor above the entire base. The basis of the building of the Court and the Municipal Assembly is a functional solution with the main entrances at the corners of the streets. In the courtyard of this complex, there is a building (formerly a prison) that also dates from the time of construction. The complex of buildings is stylistically uniformed and designed in the spirit of historicism, with stylistic treatment and elements of the neo-renaissance and secession, especially the first floor. They were declared as a cultural monument in 1983.

Address: Srpskih vladara 165

Church of the Holy Ascension in Petrovac was built in the time from 1866-1869. on the efforts of the church community and the locals of the village of Petrovac, because the church was one of the conditions for Petrovac to be declared as a town. The church is located not far from the city center, has a large port overgrown with old linden trees and a wrought iron fence. It was built in the classical spirit, single-nave foundations with a large semicircular apse on the east side, square choirs and a bell tower on the west, ending in a high and wide pyramid covered with tin. Spatially, the church is divided into an altar part, a nave and a narthex that has been expanded, on the right it has a small room, on the left a gallery and a bell tower.

At the suggestion of the Regional Institute for the protection of cultural monuments in Smederevo, the church of the Holy Ascension in Petrovac was declared as an immovable cultural asset - a cultural monument.

Address : Srpskih vladara 166

Cultural - educational center Petrovac na Mlavi is the central cultural institution in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi, within which it operates:

- Theater "Dragoljub Milosavljevic Gula"
- Cinema "Delo"
- Cultural art department of amateur and professional programs
- Education – department „People's University“.

Cultural and educational center is the organizer of over 30 cultural and artistic events in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi , which aim to preserve and promote folk art, traditional games, and customs. Of special value is the transmission to younger generations, through the active involvement of children and youth in Cultural - artistic societies that cooperate with the Center in the implementation of programs at events. Also, the Cultural-educational center is an associate in the implementation of all cultural, musical, sports and educational programs in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi.

Address: Petra Dobrnjca 179

Homeland Museum Petrovac na Mlavi was established in 1998/99. In addition to the rich cultural - historical heritage from prehistory, antiquity, the Middle Ages, as well as various ethnographic materials, of material and spiritual culture, the formation of the Homeland Museum was decisively influenced by many years of excavations at Belovode near Veliko Laole. The research started in 1994. by the National Museum in Belgrade and the National Museum in Pozarevac as part of the scientific research project "Archaeometallurgy of Vinca Culture".

During the work of the Homeland Museum so far, the following collections have been formed: archeological, ethnological, historical, art (with one legacy) and numismatic. The collections are smaller in size, but are increasing successively. The permanent exhibition of the Petrovac na Mlavi Homeland Museum includes representative archeological finds from the Vinca settlement of Belovode (5400-4600 BC).

Address: Srpskih vladara 163

Petrovac park is spread alongside the left bank of the river Mlava , on the surface of 5 hectars and is one of the favourite locations for all ages in the city. With the other bank of Mlava it is connected with three bridges, from which the middle one is free from the motor traffic. In the park there are playgrounds for walking and recreation , as in the middle part there is a monument to the Fallen warriors from the Second World War. Park is illuminated, so walking is possible even in the evening hours.

Address: Mlavska street (Left bank of Mlava)

Park „Mala vaga“ is spread on about 1200 square meters and it represents small green oasis in the main street in town. It is an ideal location for families because within the park there is a modern children's playground. In the popular "park" as the people of Petrovac call it, there is a monument to the fallen warriors from Petrovac na Mlavi 1912-1918.

Address: Srpskih vladara

It is assumed that the Petrovac reading room was built in 1874., and the same sources claim that it burned down two years later. Since the building burned down, and with it all the writings, there is no information on the number of books she owned at the time. Further data testify that between the two world wars, the library built with donations was renovated. By an Act from 1964., the library was registered under the name of the National library "Djura Jaksic", after our famous poet and painter, who often visited this area and fell in love with it, as evidenced by his poems "Night in Gornjak" and „Road to Gornjak“. In 2012., the library moved to a purpose-built space in the center of Petrovac. Today's library is a modern and functional building that covers more than 300 square meters, designed specifically for the needs of the institution. Users have the opportunity to use the reading room and children's department. The Homeland department was singled out, in which, in addition to the homeland collection, the legacy of professor Branko Lazic is kept, the department for book processing, and the library also has a collection of encyclopedias, scientific and professional literature.

Address : Radeta Moskovlica 17

The pedestrian zone in Petrovac na Mlavi is a complex of the square and closed pedestrian street Bata Bulic. Petrovac got such a closed and purposeful street in the early eighties of the twentieth century, and the reconstruction of the pedestrian zone in the center of Petrovac, it becomes richer for a beautiful and functional whole intended for the inhabitants of the municipality and all guests from Petrovac. The pedestrian zone in Petrovac begins on the Square, where there is a monument to our famous writer and painter Djuri Jaksic. The pedestrian zone is filled with cafes and restaurants, and here is a modern children's playground, and provides an opportunity for rest and entertainment for the whole family. It is also adorned with a fountain, which provides a pleasant ambient experience in the summer months.

Address : Street Bate Bulica

The Green market is located in the center of Petrovac. It owns 63 agricultural and 20 commodity stalls, with about 140 tenants. There is also a space, about 60 places that are also leased for the sale of flowers, seedlings, and seasonal products (fruits and vegetables). The construction of a facility for the sale of dairy products and poultry meat is planned. Wednesday is a market day in Petrovac and then the city paints a special atmosphere.

Address : Street Bate Bulica

The „Krug“ gallery is located in the foyer of the "Delo" cinema in the main street in Petrovac. It is an exhibition space of the Association of artists of Petrovac na Mlavi, but many other artists from the country and the world also organize their exhibitions here.

Address : Srpskih vladara 187

Facebook/galerija Krug

The gallery of the high school „Mladost“ is located near the park and the river Mlava. The high school in Petrovac na Mlavi was founded in 1920. as a four-grade lower high school. The new high school building was built in 1965. Today high school „Mladost“ has 10 departments with a high school program, and there are also departments of economics, law, trade, and the profession of business administrator. The high school has had its high reputation over the past time.

Address: Mlavska 14

Stadium „Sloga“ belongs to the football club „Sloga“ from Petrovac na Mlavi. The club was founded in 1933. The club has been playing at this stadium since 1957., and the building got its current look in 2013.

Address : Radomira Zivkovica 4

The stadium of the Football club "Trgovacki" is located at the location "Lukin Vir" and is specific because it lies in the old riverbed of the Mlava. The club is known for its football school, which started operating in 2015.

Address : Cede Vasovica bb

The "Dragutin Tomasevic" sports hall is named after the first serbian olympian, Dragutin Tomasevic. This modern and functional facility, with a capacity of 1,500 seats and 500 standing places, was built in 2009. and is the center of sporting events in the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi. A monument to Dragutin Tomasevic has been built in front of the sports hall. The hall was visited by numerous sports personalities, and one of them is the famous basketball player Vlade Divac.

Address : Jovana Jovanovica Zmaja 3