The time we live in often requires us to take care of improving physical health and the balance of mind and body through sport and recreation. Terrain in the valley of the Mlava and preserved nature, as well as local tastes call for introduction and enjoyment. 

Trest  is located on the western slopes of the Homolje mountains , distinctly hilly mountainous area. This forest complex with an area of 1033 hectares is a habitat of large wild animals. From Petrovac it is about 20 kilometers away and it can be accessed with the road that leads to the village and monastery Vitovnica and it goes on through the makadem beside the river Vitovnica.

Trest is surronded with mountain hills Fik , Vranj , and Kobilja head so it is an ideal place for mountain climbing. There are located Hajducka and Pogana cave. Vitovnica river in the up part is still not contaminated and it is clean. This amazing forest ecosystem of the Petrovac na Mlavi municipality is giving the possibility of different activities in the nature such as mushroom collection and healthy plaints. Wellbeing that forest is giving to overall physical and mental health and human body through concept of „forest bathroom „ ( japanese shinrin-yoku ) is creating the experience of physical and mental relaxation in the forest. These kind of activities that involve mental relaxation, dendro therapy , are providing connection with nature and achievement of the body balance.

Pedestrian–bike path „Gornjacka promenade„ includes a move from the village Malo Laole to the turn to Zdrelo. It’s 2 620 meters long and on it there are tourist information boards and a totem where tourists can see tourist attractions and other information related to the municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi. From the trail there is a beautiful view of the Gornjacka gorge and Homolje.

Path is connecting accomodation with „ Mlavske terme „ and is providing tourists that on the safe and fun way through the walking tour can unite tourist attractions in their own unique tourist experience.

Petrovac park - one of the city's symbols. Extends along the left side of the river Mlava, with 5 hectars and it’s one of the favourite places for people of all ages in the city. With the other side of Mlava it’s connected with three bridges , from those three bridges the middle one is for pedestrians and bicycles. In the park there are playgrounds for the youngest ones and tennis coarts. In the park there are paths for walking and for recreation. There are lights in the park at night time so walking is possible at night time as well.

The specialty of the gastronomic offer of one area certainly represents local characteristic products and specialties presented through traditional dishes. One of those specialties are Žmare or Žumijare, a dish that was originally served in Vlaches villages on certain occasions. Element of cooking Žmar is entered in the National Registar of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Serbia. In honor of this dish every year in the village of Kladurovo is organized gastronomic and tourist event „ Zumarijada „ that attracts a lot of visitors. As Žmare is characterized by very specific method of preparation ( they are being cooked around 16 hours and for preparation one sheap is needed, about seventy lentils and corn flour ). This manifestation is an ideal way for tasting this authentic dish.

One of the proposals of the Tourist organization is a visit to the village of Kamenovo which is well known as the village of beekeepers and location of the event „Beekeeper’s Council“. Here honey can be consumed and bought but also it’s possible to get advice on the quality and consumption of honey and about other products.

Swimming is possible in the thermal pools in Zdrelo all year round. Mlavske terme hotel complex provides accommodation, wellness and spa facilities while presenting a special experience is swimming in outdoor pools during the winter months.


For all necessary information , advice and help you can ask Tourist organization of Petrovac na Mlavi municipality.