Organized by the local community of Kladurovo and KUD "Izvor" and under the patronage of the municipality of PetrovacnaMlavi, a tourist and cultural event "Kladurovo Summer" or the popular "Žumarijada" is held in Kladurovo.

A large number of locals and guests visit the competition in žmare preparation, an old, traditional Vlach dish, as well as a cultural and artistic program. Renovation of the ethno house has begun and a porch has been built where žmare are stored. The desire is to save the tradition of preparing old dishes and cakes as well as the making of home-made products.

A good example is the affirmation of žmare as an old dish that is prepared only in this village and which has so far attraced significant interest of the general public.

In addition to the competition, the event is accompanied by a rich cultural and artistic program, which takes place on the summer stage in front of the House of Culture in Kladurovo.

Companies from the entire territory of Serbia participate.

The organizers are: Local Community Kladurovo, Women's Association "Zlatne Ruke" and Cultural and Artistic Association "Izvor mladosti" from Kladurovo, under the auspices of the Municipality of Petrovac na Mlavi and the National Council of Vlachs.