Spa Zdrelo

Spa Zdrelo

Recreational and catering center "Ždrelo", popular "Ždrelo Spa” is located at the 11th kilometer of the road Petrovac – Žagubica at the foot of two dominant Homolje peaks Vukan and Ježevac, at the place where the fertile Stig plain miraculously passes through the Gornjak gorge and rises into the Homolje mountains.

During the exploration of coal deposits in this area in 1986, a strong jet of thermo-mineral water erupted from the well, the surface temperature of which is about 40 ° C. The water comes from a depth of 180 m where the temperature exceeds 80 ° C. As it passes through cold layers of soil on the surface it cools down and maintains a constant temperature of 40 ° C both in the summer and the winter.

This thermo-mineral water of exceptional chemical composition and characteristics belongs to the group of oligomineral sulfide homeothermic waters. Due to its temperature and chemical composition, according to the findings of the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the Republic of Serbia, as well as the Institute of Internal Medicine "Dr Vlastimir Godić" in Belgrade, it can be successfully used for therapeutic purposes as additional means in the treatment of inflammatory rheumatism
Ankylosing spondylitis, extraarticular rheumatism (fibriosis, myositis, paniculitis, tendinitis) as a consequence of trauma and conditions after bone fractures and surgical interventions on the skeletal system.

“Ždrelo Spa” has outdoor and indoor pools, aqua park with hot water, wellness center, massage rooms with healing mud, sea water, jacuzzi tubs, saunas, solarium, hotel, restaurant and other facilities.
The aqua park is unique in Serbia because it can be used both in the summer and the winter.

The complex also has basketball and five-a-side football courts. At the top of the building there is a nudist terrace which can be reached by elevator. There are about forty beds in the accommodation part. As the interest in the spa exceeded all expectations, the owner Dragisa Milojevic built a new hotel with 6 apartments and 54 rooms.

Recreational and catering center „Ždrelo“

Ždrelo bb, 12300 Ždrelo, Srbija
Tel: +381 12 330 735
Fax: +381 12 330 734

Working hours

Pools – 10h-20h (Sunday-Thursday),
10h-21h (Friday, Saturday)
Pool slide – 10h-20h (every day)