The Cultural and Educational Centre Petrovac na Mlavi, the town’s cultural institution, organizes and presents various cultural and educational programs that encourage self-creation, lifelong learning and creative use of free time with the aiming to improve the quality of life.
We take great proud in our amateur theater ‘Bata Bulić’. Petrovac na Mlavi is one of a few small towns in Serbia that boast of the theater founded more than a century ago, precisely, in January 1908.
Despite various turmoils in society, caused by multiple war conflicts, bigger and smaller, changes in the social order and the government of various ideologies, the theater has survived the time and all adversities, so that it still exists and lasts today.
The theater, which today bears the name "Dragoljub Milosavljevic Gula", brings together fifteen actors who perform the current repertoire, as well as a number of people who provide technical support. Their enthusiasm, love for the theater, mutual respect and friendship, make this theater a well organized team, recognizable far beyond the environment of its origin.
The theater has in recent years created a repertoire and as it seems, has managed to establish some of its personal, recognizable style.
Today, the theater is in expansion, having some very ambitious plans. One of the key tasks is to popularize the ensemble and involve as many young people as possible in its work.

You can see the repertoire on the KPC website: Repertoire

Cultural and educational centre

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